Dec 14, 2012

10 Startups providing cutting-edge Data Mining products

Data mining has matured to the point that new business can be created around it. In bay area, exciting startups have popped up to provide cutting-edge solution on audience targeting, email security, and mobile applications.

1. GetJar   
     Mobile app distributor and virtual currency for user to enjoy premium app, 
     Technique: Recommender system

2. Ooyala
      Provide Video Analytics and personalized video Ad targeting, understand viewer behavior
     Technique: Reinforcement learning, recommender system

3. Rocket Fuel
     Help clients to create targeted advertising campaign
     Technique: Machine learning, big data

4.    Turn
      Targeted advertising, Mining data for digital advertising
     Technique: Machine learning, big data

5.    BlueKai
      Online User tracking and analytics for marketing                             
      Technique: Clustering

6.    Quantcast
      Real-time audience targeting, online bidding   
      Technique: Machine learning

7.   Tellapart      
      Real time bidding on behavior of clients, audience targeting on display ads, with scoring on customers likelihood of viewing
      Technique: Machine learning, Regression

       Web data mining on all information about a person or company, create targeted ranking solution to represent your reputation               
       Technique: Predictive modeling

9. Radius Intelligence
      Web data mining for lead generation of local sales (Mining location, business revenue, etc),             
      Technique: Natural language processing  

10. ProofPoint
     Data security as a service, focusing on email security 
     Technique: Machine learning, big data


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