Jan 10, 2013

Smart TV and Data Mining

Smart TVs are coming. In this year's CES conference, the largest consumer electronics show each year in Las Vegas, every TV manufacturer is bragging about the "smartness" of their TV. All the TVs are now have Internet connectivity, have camera, display content from your smart phone, and play movies from youTube and Netflix. Even more, smart TVs have connection to Facebook, allow you to make Skype calls, and answers you voice command like Siri does on the iPhone.

The most interesting function for me is their capability of making movie recommendations.
 This means every TV has to remember and capture user’s viewing history, and possibly combine with the server’s knowledge about other viewers’ view data. All the information will be sent and stored in  TV maker's server. They will chunk the data, and build movie recommendation engine exactly like Netflix has done. 

This is a big advance for data mining. This is possible only after TV is connect to the Internet and store data in the cloud. Traditional TV does not have the computing power nor enough memory to do data mining. 

Now we are seeing data mining coming to our home. 


  1. What I love most about these TV's is the fact that it is connected to your internet. This innovation not only makes watching fun but also enables a greater way to communicate to anyone even when your enjoying your favorite movie.

  2. Those Smart TV's sure opened up a lot of new doors when they came out. The consumer and home electronics sectors sure got quite the competitive upgrade with those sets.

  3. This just goes to show how the electronics sector is getting more into the user-generated viewing concept. Basically anything that has "user-generated" affixed to it is a hot sale at the stores these days.

  4. I've been seeing a lot of people buying these smart TV's now. I guess it helps that they double up as internet browsers. Plus, who wouldn't want to have voice/motion-controlled TV at home?

  5. I'm really liking the new lineup of TV's coming out. Those brands sure know how to get thing rolling out with newer features that everybody will have fun using.

  6. Most of the LED/LCD TV's nowadays are much energy saver than the old fashion TV but the television listed above is absolutely great. It has different features that can repeat the history of the film.