Sep 12, 2013

How casinos are betting on big data

Reported from Yahoo! Finance today, casinos like Caesars crunch big data to find ways to attract gamblers. They can find out if a gambler is losing  or winning too much:  
"They could win a lot or they lose a lot or they could have something in the middle. … So we do try to make sure that people don't have really unfortunate visits," said Caesars CEO Gary Loveman. 

Caesars has been leading data mining in gambling industry. They have more than 200 data experts (including some real data scientists?) in house to crunch data on royalty program, VIP member patterns, and so on.  That work was reported in KDD 2011 Industry prattice expo.

Next time when you visit a casino, expect a suddenly friendlier slot machine after you are on a losing streak ...

The complete Yahoo! Finance report is here


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